Passion for food and drink takes us around… and not too many moons ago we took the train out of London to go to meet the sausage maker; the man behind the Londoner sausages we serve you every day. His name is John-Paul Habermann and he founded The Franconian Sausage Company about 17 years ago. Franconian produce high quality sausages and related meat products, and was primarily established to serve the high-end restaurant trade and catering industry. After all, JP was a Chef himself and he knew what restaurants wanted, and what the customers wanted…

Meet the Sausage Maker - John-Paul Habermann
John-Paul Habermann

Going back to 1999, John-Paul decided to quit his job as a chef and follow his dream – to create exceptional sausages for the restaurant trade. The challenge was to do this on a large scale without compromising his standards for excellence. And so, the journey began; he first created a sausage that was a little ‘too German‘ so he went back to the drawing board to research and try new recipes. The one that stood out was named ‘The Londoner’ and consequently trademarked. Today, many try to copy this British sausage, but no one has quite succeeded yet.

Meet the Sausage Maker - Franconian
Meet the Sausage Maker

It was this one recipe that began the journey and now there are hundreds of recipes, all of them authentic and carefully created by John-Paul and his team, working on each recipe until they have the perfect taste. The way John-Paul talks about the process you can really see his passion and how much of his soul he has put into his business. Like he said – he wouldn’t sell anything he wouldn’t eat himself (and just between us – he’s picky about his food). Franconian use the best quality British meat, best quality ingredients and do not use additives, fillers, artificial colours, or flavourings. They have their own smoking and curing facilities on site and are able to pre-poach sausages on request. Products are freshly made to order each day for delivery the following day.

Over the years Franconian’s reputation has continued to grow by word of mouth and they now supply London’s finest restaurants, hotels, and bistro bars – including Balls Brothers of London and The NED, amongst many others.

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